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2017-03-12 22:13:33 by DatKitty

I'm new to new grounds and was wondering if any one could help out, I'm currently only using a zowie mouse and cs3 PRO edition to animate, I learned how to animate by working for youtubers and want to further increase my skill as an artist and animator to hopefully be one of the best animators out there. 

If you hate honest people, just block me, I struggle to lie and I hate judgementalists who think they know things when they don't, I'm pretty sure that shit annouys all of us. 

All I'm asking is to excell from my experiences with cs3 flash pro n after effects, and my skills with a zowie mouse. Feel free to add me on steam,

-Dat Kitty ~ I love those who love back.


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2017-03-12 22:30:00

Hello there. Welcome to newgrounds. The community hopes you enjoy your stay


2017-04-11 20:47:05

We'll love, just be yourself too